How to Begin Online?

How you may start learning Quran Online?

Step 01:

Download Skype software free for your Desktop/Laptop Computer

Get Skype for Windows

With the Skype app, you can do more together:

  • Message, voice and video call, all from one app.
  • Get everyone together with free group video calls.
  • Send pictures and files, or share your screen.
  • Translate your calls and messages to speak with anyone around the world.

Step 02:

Install Skype on your Computer

  • Click on Skype Setup file to install

Step 03:

Create an account or sign in

  • It only takes a minutes or two – then you’re ready to connect with your instructor to learn face to face Quran via virtual class.
  • Click on Skype icon on desktop of your computer
  • Sign in with your ID created for Skype
  • From Skype window Contact menu – Add a contact of your Instructor i.e. “ICMC”